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Brew-tiful campaign with Jacobs

BY Teja Vrščaj Sep 6, 2021

Supporting a new launch of Jacobs coffee on the Slovenian market.

Brew-tiful campaign with Jacobs



Croatia & Slovenia


2019 - 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and social media presence

In October 2019 a new kind of coffee by Jacobs was launched on the Slovenian market. During the first weeks, the product was promoted and discounted in stores. Simultaneously, we organized a nano influencer campaign to spread awareness about the new product.


Nano Influencers


IG content created



Getting the coffee lovers

Jacobs is a well-established and known brand among Slovenes, influencers did not hesitate to be included in Jacobs collaboration. Safe to say, they were actually thrilled, because who doesn’t love a good coffee, right?! The latter was also confirmed by the response rate of 83%, which was significantly above average (40-50%). The reason behind lies partly in our narrow targeting of apparent coffee lovers and partly in the passion that people feel towards the product in general. 

Upon careful selection of influencers,  a wholesome Jacobs package, otherwise known as the Epibox, that contained the new Jacobs coffee, an aesthetically pleasing coffee tin and a few cappuccino bags of various flavors, was sent out to our coffee lovers.

Sharing the smell of Jacobs coffee through creatives

Authenticity being the core value of Epidemic, influencers had completely free hands regarding the content creation. Moreover, the content part of the Jacobs collaboration was very well rounded with them showing their morning routines, sharing their iced coffee recipes, afternoon coffee gatherings with friends, or coffee dates with their loved ones. Below you can find the visuals for our Jacobs campaign.

Because of the success of influencer collaborations, the Jacobs campaign was later on expanded to the Croatian market as well.

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