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Wine Time With Klet Brda

BY Gasper Nov 24, 2021

Largest Slovenia wine producer connected with Slovenian influencers to raise awareness about their selection of premium wines.

Wine Time With Klet Brda



November 2021

GOAL: Brand awareness & Product Positioning

The mail goal of Klet Brda campaign was to build awarness of the brand, more specifically, about wines Bagueri and Quercus. The goal was to represent them as premium wines, although they can be bought in practically all Slovenian shops.





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Creative Concept

We came up with 2 concepts:

1. First one was for Bagueri which we wanted to represent as a premium wine through theme of Hollywood golden era and Hollywood movies such as Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby.

2. Second one was for Quercus that we wanted to represent it as a wine that will bring your gathering to a higher level. To show that we came up with a concept of a picnic with a touch of french elegance (baguette, cheese, great wine, and great company – what else do you need?)

We created a contest to challenge influencers and their creativity to go out of the box and create content on a higher level. The 5 influencers that did the best content, got the opportunity to visit Klet Brda and have a great in-person experience with them. Because of this, the winery additionally gained goodwill for the brand in the name of influencers.

Results: 435k impressions

Through the duration of the collaboration, we gained a great number of impressions, along with great UGC that can be further on used by Klet Brda.


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