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Charity event collecting diapers in association with Pampers

BY Gasper Mar 17, 2021
Charity event collecting diapers in association with Pampers


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In September we helped the brand Pampers spread the word about their charity event. 




IG stories&posts



For each purchase of any product in DM stores, Pampers donated one diaper for families in need. The DM customers were of course rewarded for their charity as well, receiving one out of two packages of cards for photography for every purchase above 15€.

With the aid of nano and micro-influencers on Instagram we successfully spread the word about the event. We invited young moms and dads to contribute. We sent them packages of diapers for their little loved ones and cards for photography. With the cards they created adorable photos and shared them with their followers. The young families managed to post over 120 different types of content relating to the charity event.

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