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The great Domačića bake off

BY Teja Vrščaj May 20, 2022

Goal: brand awareness & conversion for one of the most known brands in the Adriatic region.

The great Domačića bake off





November 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and conversion

The goal of Domačića campaign was to create a more viral dessert baking competition with their biscuits, exclusively online, increasing participation, upgrading the 2020 Domaćica Challenge and smooth implementation despite Covid constraints.


Instagram Influencers


TikTok Influencers


Published contents



Creative Domačića concept: show off your baking skills

GOAL – Making the most creative and delicious Domaćica dessert with Domaćica cookies and Kraš products!”
PARTICIPANTS – 72 Instagram and 3 TikTok influencers created content with recipes, the application for the challenge and the final photo of the dessert, inviting their followers to participate and take part in the voting.

The challenge included a nationwide online baking competition for desserts containing Domaćica biscuits. Contestants had to buy the Domaćica biscuits of their choice and other ingredients for their recipe ( Dorina baking assortment and Dorina Domaćica chocolates were recommended) from the shop. At home, they had to create or adapt the recipe to include the Domaćica biscuits in the dessert. With a picture and a written recipe, they logged on to the website, where the recipe was published within 24 hours. During the voting phase, they collected votes by sharing their recipe on social networks.
The challenge took place in phases:

  1. Firstly, announcing the challenge and educating people about the challenge.
  2. Baking and participating in the challenge, by applying with the recipe on the website and inviting followers to join as well.
  3. Voting – Sharing the recipe and final photo in stories, and collecting votes.

Achieved results

Over the course of a month, we have gathered a huge number of impressions. With our help Domaćica exceeded the goals for over 100% and total measurable reach of Domaćica challenge was around: 1 742 144M and not measurable reach all together: 2 172 144M.

Our influencers recieved a package of Domaćica goodies, cookies, Dorina chocolates, cacao and much more to create their own extraoridnary dessert and shared the recipes, ingredients, challenge applications and so much more, along with delicious desserts they have made.


  • 603 Instagram stories,
  • 16 feed posts and
  • 4 TikTok videos

we reached 1.1M impressions on Instagram and had over 112k views on TikTok.

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