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Blocking the blue light away

BY Teja Vrščaj May 20, 2022

Increasing brand awareness with gamer, teacher and student influencer personas.

Blocking the blue light away



Slovenia and Croatia


September-October 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and UGC

Even is a Slovenian company that has recently appeared on the market. Through e-commerce, they sell blue light glasses that protect your eyes and minimize the amount of harmful blue light. The main goal of the campaign was to increase brand and product awareness.




Instagram Influencers


Combined followers



Raising brand awareness through education

A total of 210 nano and micro Instagram influencers took part in the activation. Since the main goal of the campaign was brand awareness, we selected influencers that have contact with digital screens on a daily basis and for many hours (students, gamers, and all others whose work involves working on a computer, phone, etc.).

Through stories and feed posts, influencers educated their followers about the blue light glasses and invited them to take a look at Even’s website.

Achieved results

Influencers shared more than 1000 unique content and created more than 1.77 million impressions. Therefore they have spread the word about the brand and how they are fighting the challenges of blue light.

During the collaboration, a lot of wonderful photos and other content was created. This enabled Even to use this content as promotional material for:

  • its website,
  • social media platforms and
  • advertisements.
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