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Flaviar spirit experience

BY Teja Vrščaj May 18, 2022

Ongoing strategic partnership for Instagram and TikTok.

Flaviar spirit experience

FMCG Alcoholic beverages




December 2021 (& on going)

Campaign type

Brand awareness and UGC

Flaviar is a brand of spirits enthusiasts, inspired by culture, rich history and the art of distillation. They curate from over 20,000 different spirits: from Whisk(e)y, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Absinthe etc. and provide an authentic distillery tour experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Main communication goals of the Flaviar campaign were to:

  • grab viewers attention by showcasing Flaviar as a unique and fun experience,
  • explain what Flaviar membership is,
  • raise awareness about spirits,
  • increase website visits.

Nano and micro Instagram & TikTok Influencers


Impressions on Instagram


Views on TikTok

Strategy – Flaviar as  perfect gift or Valentine’s day experience

Epidemic’s community of 2 influencers, 1 nano and 1 micro with TikTok combined following of 227k and Instagram’s of 39k were trusted with the task of spreading the word about premium adult experience. In a fun, authentic and funky way influencers showed Flaviar products, through playing a BOOSY game, as well as blind tastings. The latter was done as a part of their TikTok videos, however on Instagram carousel posts were created, which included shots of tasting box and modeling with Flaviar visually pleasing package.


Over the course of two weeks, we have spread the word about Flaviar product and their experience. We received great amount of video and foto user generated contents, which was the main goal. Created contents were in line with Flaviar guidelines and wishes and were further on used for Flaviar promotional purposes.

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