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Hooray Heroes for Father’s day

BY Gasper Jun 28, 2021

Hooray Heroes make personalized books mainly for kids, where your child becomes the hero of his own story.

Hooray Heroes for Father’s day


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Awareness & Content Creation


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Epidemic was hired in May of 2020 to organize promotional campaign with nano influencers in France around the father’s day holiday.

Based on the great results a second campaign for Spain was ordered. In the next months, Epidemic became their main source of user-generated content and organizer of nano influencer collaborations.




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Combined Followers

STRATEGY: Find fans of the brand and offer them a free book

To organize this many collabs and source such a large amount of content in the most cost-effective way, all collabs were structured as barter. This posed a challenge in some cases since only true fans of the brand accepted the collaboration.

Since the images and videos could be used in advertisements, extra care was taken in making sure everyone understood that by accepting the collaboration they also give Hooray Heroes the rights to use the content for commercial purposes.

RESULTS: True fans, true emotions

It is said that true excitement, can not be faked. With the strategy of only arranging collaborations with true fans of the brand, it was possible to source content where true emotions and excitement is shown. This is also why this type of user-generated content performed great in ads.

More than 90 % of our advertising consists of user-generated content from satisfied users around the globe and Epidemic offers simple, scalable, and transparent solution on how to get usable content directly from them. Hooray Studios relies on Epidemic in its global expansion.
Mic Melanšek CEO, Hooray Studios Inc.
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