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Our favourite influencers

BY Teja Vrščaj May 18, 2022

Increase the brand awareness and build UGC repertoire was the goal of one of the cuttest campaigns at Epidemic.

Our favourite influencers





November 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and UGC

PasjaHrana.net is Slovenian online pet shop that caters to our little furry friends. Their aim was to increase brand awareness and build UGC repertoire for further promotional use.

We wanted to show off the brand in a fun and visually attractive, but still professional way, to attract all the dog lovers. The campaign was approached with micro influencers, with the aim of achieving a higher reach, and nano influencers for the purposes of UGC.


Nano and micro IG Influencers


Number of created contents (stories+IG posts)




Over the course of a month, we have gathered a huge number of impressions and spread the word about Pasjahrana.net’s offering, furthermore their brand professionalism.


  • 218 Instagram stories and
  • 41 feed posts

our creators shared their autumn walks, hikes, daily cuddles and so much more, along with delicious meals their pups received as part of their personalised package, that took in account dog’s alergies and preferences. Altogether, we reached 532.3K impressions and created great amount of quality UGC which was further on used for building Pasjahrana.net IG profile.

All parties involved were more than satisfied with the collaboration. Below we have gathered some of the feedback from the participants.

“Ron and I were both very happy with the collaboration. Regarding the received food, I thought it was very carefully selected and of high quality, which is very important to every dog owner.” – Emina

What is more, the influencers were apparently so satisfied with the collaboration, that we are still detecting their tags of Pasjahrana on their posts, even 1 month after the actual end of the campaign.

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