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The secret behind Pink Panda’s month-long campaign that got 23 million impressions.

BY Teja Vrščaj Mar 14, 2022

2 weeks of preparation, 600 nano and micro influencers, 1 month, 23M impressions.

The secret behind Pink Panda’s month-long campaign that got 23 million impressions.



9 EU markets


November 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and UGC

Pink panda, better known in Slovenia as Ličila.si, is one of the largest internationally recognized online makeup providers, a sworn ally for those who love the world of makeup and the best friend of all those who are just starting out. Over the years, Pink Panda has established its international presence in more than nine markets, including Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.


Nano and micro IG Influencers


Number of created contents (stories+IG posts)



In November last year, Pink Panda, in cooperation with Epidemic, carried out the largest activation of influencers in Slovenia so far and literally flooded 9 aforementioned local markets with pink shades of the brand. The campaign was based on the promotion of pre-black friday and black friday campaigns and 48-hour discounts on individual brands of the Pink Panda makeup repertoire.

A total of 600 nano and micro Instagram influencers from the nine previously mentioned countries took part in the activation. Together, they shared more than 5,000 unique pieces of content with their audience, which included makeup guides, tricks, and a variety of makeup tips. The acquired database of UGC content has enabled Pink Panda to continue to be used in the context of building local social profiles of the brand, advertising and further on building a rosy community of many makeup lovers.

During the 1-month period, Epidemic, together with Pink Panda and the involved creators, significantly increased brand awareness, achieved 23 million impressions and thus spread the word about the promotional activities of the “Black Month”, which was successfully reflected in visits and sales of Pink Panda online store.

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