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Great hair day with Revlon

BY Gasper Mar 19, 2021

New product launch campaign that got repeated 2 more times due to its success.

Great hair day with Revlon


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In early 2020 Revlon launched new product on Slovenian market – 2 in 1 hair dryer and volumiser. The goal was to raise awarness and showcase gadgets funcionalities.

Epidemic’s community of nano influencers was trusted with the task of spreading the word about the product launch, features and their authentic experience.

The campaign was later repeated 2 more times.




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In search of the perfect candidates

At Epidemic we firmly stand  behind our mission of putting authenticity in front of paid opinions. For this reason, it is crucial for us to find influencers, who are already fans of the brand or would really love to try out the product.

Thanks to the in-depth profiling of Epidemic members, we were able to find the perfect matches for this campaign: high quality content creating influencers with beauty oriented profile styles/topics and female followings.


Setting the scope of collaboration

Epidemic has taken full advantage of the awesome product that was the subject of the promotion in reaching collaboration agreements with influencers. Since the product was the same across the range of influencers we have correlated the number of followers with the number of agreed content pieces to post.

1) We agreed for higher number of posts

Due to higher value that was provided to nano influencers they agreed for a larger amount of stories and even posts.

2) Influencers over-delivered

It is usual that influencers we work with go an extra mile, but here this was especially evident. 13 out of 18 participants posted more than the already large agreed number of posts/stories.

3) Barter deal – no problem

It can sometimes be tricky for brands, especially large ones, to propose collaborations in exchange for only products. Influencers might see it as exploitive and sometimes even post about it. When working with us, there is no such risk. We have a unique relationship with our members, together we stand for authenticity instead of paid opinions.

Brief written, products packaged and shipped

Yes, even the packaging and shipping was taken care of. In the package, there is also a brief of the campaign including the general brand guidelines.

To increase the reach and engagement in the campaign 2 giveaways were organized.

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Most importantly: Let creators do what they do best

Influencers had the freedom to create content in their own style, no pre-approval was needed. This allowed for more open and better-performing communication. They know how to talk with their followers best. In most cases, they find the best way to present a product.

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