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Skaza and their composters Bokashi Organko 🌱

BY Lucas Cozien Aug 6, 2021
Skaza and their composters Bokashi Organko 🌱


Campaign Type



FR / UK / DE / DEN / NL


From March to December 2021


Influencers involved


Contents created


IG posts created


IG stories created

2 290 900

Combined followers

3 146 700


What is Skaza?

Skaza is a Slovenian plastic manufacturing specialist & creator of sustainable home & garden products offering complete support from idea to the finish line – whether you are looking for a plastic manufacturer for your new invention or a reliable provider of sustainable products for your growing business. They spread their ideas and values for 44 years through their products and their 280 employees on 58 markets around the globe focusing on sustainability, a driving force of the company’s business and product development.

The Skaza Sustainable Products:

  • Eco-friendly plastic products for home & garden.
  • Inspiring people to lead a more sustainable and more eco-friendly lifestyle with our innovative products.
  • Over 85% of our products are made from sustainable materials.
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The campaign

In 2021, we’ve created a year-long Instagram activation for Skaza. In March and April, we ran an awareness campaign in 5 markets, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Denmark involving more than 100 influencers on Instagram. In total, we reached 3 1467 00 impressions and 1920 created posts. In May and June, we wanted to continue raising awareness about the benefits of Bokashi Organko composters, while also building on the campaign and making it more sales-oriented. So we teamed up with local retailer partners who came up with unique promo codes for influencers. In total, 89 influencers participated in the affiliate programme and their unique code was redeemed several times by their community.

The added value of the campaigns

The main added value of this digital marketing campaign with Epidemic is of course all the raw content collected, which Skaza can and still continue to use for promotional purposes. We harvested content from 60+ influencers, photos and videos. In addition to the raw content, we have also acquired a lot of additional content in addition to IG formats such as Blogs articles and reviews, Youtube videos, TikToks, interests posts etc…


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