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Boosting immunity with Swiss Energy

BY Teja Vrščaj May 20, 2022

Building social media presence for food supplement brand.

Boosting immunity with Swiss Energy

Food supplement




November 2021

Campaign type

Building social media presence (brand awareness+UGC)

Swiss Energy, food supplement oriented company, entered the Slovenian market in 2020. With the intention of establishing its name on social media as well, Swiss Energy, in collaboration with Epidemic, ran 3 campaigns aimed at building and increasing its presence on social media.






Average followers



Strategy – start with UGC, then build brand awareness

The campaign with Swiss Energy was approached according to a well-defined plan. The first goal was to acquire heaps of great user-generated content (UGC), the next was to increase brand awareness and spread the word.

  • Nano influencers being great at creating appealing content, the first part of the collaboration was based on content creation.
  • Micro influencers however were perfect for spreading the word, by organizing 4 major giveaways.

Building UGC repertoire was one of the main goals of the campaign. Creators were asked to showcase selected Swiss Energy products through product review videos and product layouts as part of their morning routines. Along with the latter, giveaways were held to create traffic on their Instagram profile.

Results-880K impressions + 400 UGC contents 

As part of all together 3 Swiss Energy campaigns in Slovenia, we reached over 880K impressions, which went hand in hand with our brand awareness objective. On the other hand, gathered UGC content that was of high quality, later on lead to the building of their IG profile.

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