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Green Revolution with The Athlete’s Foot

BY Teja Vrščaj Feb 3, 2022

Joined forces of Epidemic, TAF and Humana Slovenia who together carried out DARE TO CHANGE activation.

Green Revolution with The Athlete’s Foot





November 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness and social media presence

The Athlete’s Foot Slovenia is aware of the negative impact of modern consumerism and the textile industry on the state of our planet. According to the latter, they joined forces with Epidemic and the charity company Humana Slovenija and decided to carry out DARE TO CHANGE activation with the central guideline for a better tomorrow.


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Stepping together for a better tomorrow

The fact that the average pair of sneakers consists of at least 12 different materials that are virtually impossible to recycle due to their complexity, loudly calls for a solution. The answer to the question “What are you doing for a better tomorrow?” Is most often related to recycling and the use of reusable water bottles, however rarely do we think of our footwear. We identified 18 Instagram creators and three TikTok creators who became a part of the TAF Green Revolution.

In order to engage with a wider audience and achieve the goal of sustainability, TAF campaign was based on the concept of the Pay it forward initiative. We challenged our sneaker lovers to share their little acts with which they contribute to a better tomorrow, either by:

  • recycling,
  • using of a reusable bottle,
  • turning off the water while brushing their teeth,
  • cycling instead of driving a car or similar.

With the ending phrase:

 “Kaj TI lahko narediš za boljši jutri?” (What can YOU do for a better tomorrow? Be part of the TAF Green Revolution!“)

the creators handed over their green TAF batons to their followers and invited them to join the TAF revolution and spread the idea even further. In addition to the online sustainable challenge, TAF in-store green activation was carried out in connection to Humana Slovenia. As part of the latter, our creators visited their nearest TAF store, where they donated their old sneakers and received a 10% discount on their next purchase. The funds raised from the sales proceeds of collected items in Humana 2nd hand stores were further on used to solve problems in third world countries.

Results of TAF campaign

Over the course of two weeks, we have gathered a huge number of impressions and spread the word about TAF’s green revolution. Through:

  • 78 Instagram stories,
  • 15 feed posts,
  • 3 TikTok videos

creators shared their own green acts and altogether achieved 290k impressions on Instagram & 65.7k views on TikTok

In addition to the above, TAF also created their own green line of sneakers and other sustainable products, titled DARE TO CHANGE. Due to the success of the campaign, that focused on brand awareness, TAF moreover decided to keep the donation bins in as many stores as possible, therefore further on adding their puzzle piece to a better tomorrow.

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