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Creative with UHU

BY Teja Vrščaj Sep 14, 2021

Making back to school time fun and creative with UHU and the influencers of Epidemic.

Creative with UHU

Personal Stationery


Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia


August - September 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness

UHU is a German manufacturer of high-quality adhesive products based in Germany. The company’s slogan is “Do not say glue, say UHU!”. Positive experiences in creative projects, whether alone or in the family, in technical tasks in the classroom or in teams, in model building projects at home or in clubs, and in DIY or professional use in manufacturing, repair and maintenance shape the positive perception of the UHU brand.


Nano IG Influencers


IG contents created



UHU is a very well-known brand on the Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian market – almost every child has a UHU glue in his pencil case. It is almost impossible to find someone in Croatia, Serbia or Slovenia who has not heard of UHU glues.

The creative concept focused on the creativity of children and their imagination without a frame, which worked amazingly well. Since the main goal of the campaign was brand awareness, we selected 60 influencers who had children aged 6-12 years old to show their creativity with help of UHU glues.

The package included UHU products – a simple backpack, sunglasses, a ruler in yellow color and with UHU logo, and 5 different UHU glues – all your child needs to start the new school year. 

At the end of this creative campaign, we ended with more than expected number of impressions, a high of 696,1k. Influencers were more than happy with this campaign and therefore posted more than expected, on average 2-3 more stories per influencer. The influencers showed off the “work in progress,” a behind-the-scenes of the kids’ creative process and, of course, the results of their imagination. We fell in love with each creation, and we are sure you will too.

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