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Wolt: A successfull launch on a new market

BY Damjan Dimic Aug 6, 2021

Supporting the Wolt food delivery app in its launch and development in the Slovenian market.

Wolt: A successfull launch on a new market

Food delivery app

Campaign type

launching service on a new market




From September 2019 until nowadays

Wolt launched in the summer of 2015 in Helsinki, Finland together with ten restaurants. In the five short years since, the company expanded to 23 countries and more than 129 cities, serving over 10 million customers together with 60 000 courier partners as well as 30 000 restaurant and retail partners.




Average followers


IG Posts and stories


New users - used codes

The objectives

The objectives of this project were to support the Wolt food delivery app in its launch and development in the Slovenian market from 2019 until nowadays while promoting partner restaurants such as new features and in-app deals promotion. The project was oriented around the influential marketing of Wolt on social media, especially Instagram with nano-influencers. The major challenge was to promote and developed the App on a market with a strong direct competitor on the market; E-Hrana.

The major goals of the collaboration

  • Increasing the number of installs on devices.
  • Developing partnerships with Slovenian restaurants.
  • Promoting the app in the 5 main cities of the country through local nano-influencers (1k10k followers).

The outcomes of the campaign

  • A significant increase in notoriety.
  • Sharp growth in the number of downloads and users.
  • Wolt became one of the main actors of the food delivery industry in Slovenia.
  • Wolt is the best-graded food delivery app on IOS and Android.
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