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Market entry for Semilac

BY Teja Vrščaj Mai 20, 2022

Opening of the German market with Semilac campaign with 5 MEGA influencers (average following – 1.3M!)

Market entry for Semilac





July-August 2021

Campaign type

Brand awareness

Semilac is No. 1 nail polish brand in Poland. In 2021, they decided to enter the German market. Among the other approaches, high focus was given to the influencer marketing segment.

 In cooperation with the polish marketing agency Kamikaze we prepared a market entry influencer strategy that will introduce the Try me & Love me Semilac sets, gain brand positioning, UGC, engage the influencers’ communites, and as last step bring traffic to Semilac’s IG page and website.


Mega Influencers


Average followers




New IG users on Semilac profile

Activation of the top 5 beauty influencers in Germany

With macro and mega influencers having a massive reach and brand positioning, they were perfect for market entry or new product placement and can be a substite of traditional advertising channels like TV commercials. Epidemic successfully attained and negotiated deals with the top 5 beauty influencers in Germany, to collborate in a 4 months long campaign with the brand Semilac.

The campaign was approached by 3 phases:

Phase 1: Test & Tease
Influencers created posts for brand introduction and IGTV/YT tutorials on how to use the Try me & Love me set at home. Also they communicated the big surprise – contest that will follow at the end of the summer.

Phase 2: Recruitment
Each influencer was to organize a giveaway through which they would recruit 10 best beauty nano influencers from their community. One of the conditions were that each person had to follow Semilac’s IG profile, which will lead to an increase in their profile followings. 
Each chosen nano influencer received the product and in order to keep the PR box they were supposed to share their experience and result of using the nail polish set.

Phase 3: Contest
Each influencer once again showed the amazing results from using Semilac’s do-it-at-home nail polish products and invited their community to participate in the grand contest on the Semilac’s landing page, where each contestant had to register.

A successful brand positioning

All together, we successfuly managed to introduce the Semilac brand to the German market, create their presence and increase their community on IG, give the brand social proof by the referal of the leading beauty influencers and bring traffic to their landing page where they received emails from all contestants for further use in email marketing campaigns.

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