Are you aware of these influencer marketing trends for 2021? Well, you should be.

BY Gasper Mai 31, 2021

We have gathered some insights to help you stay up to date in the always-changing field of influencer marketing.

Are you aware of these influencer marketing trends for 2021? Well, you should be.
  1.     More collabs

Influencer marketing has finally been given the credit it deserves. Consequently, there will be more of it since companies and brands are starting to realize it’s immense potential in the global marketing arena. Existing influencers can expect more collaborations and there will be plenty of leftovers from the influencer marketing pie for potential influencers. Brands are getting bigger returns on marketing investments, while influencers are bringing in greater earnings on the side. Surely a classic win-win scenario.

  1.     More specialization

The fact that influencers are becoming increasingly niche orientated is not real news. We do not expect this trend to stop anytime soon. This bodes well for all parties involved. Brands will be able to choose from a broader range of specialized influencers, making the selection and communication processes faster, easier and more effective. Influencers will have to make a bigger effort in fleshing out their expertise and interests, narrowing them down into a compact and concise persona. Less is more applies here beautifully.

  1.     Make way for Nano and Micro influencers

Taking the fact that engagement rates on Instagram are falling in consideration, it is becoming increasingly important to identify the types of influencers who are managing to engage their followers in an organic and sustainable manner. You guessed it, it’s not Celebrity influencers we are talking about here. Nano and Micro influencers are becoming the real deal. A big following doesn’t always turn into a high engagement rate. Nanos and Micros are cheaper, easier to communicate to, eager for opportunities, create a better value for money and last but not least, are one of their own, making it easier for them to connect with their followers in a meaningful way. David over Goliath.

  1.     Think ahead

Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same rule applies for sales. Short-term collaborations, such as a single sponsored post, limit the vast potential of partnerships due to its short time frame. Brands will have to start thinking long-term in order to fully capitalize on the collaborations with influencers in order to improve brand loyalty and increase the reach of their marketing endeavours. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that currently, most brands are collaborating with influencers without actual contracts, which is bound to change due to the scams and insecurities involved. Therefore, comprehensive contracts between brands and influencers are expected. Time to get serious.


  1.     TikTok

We already spoke extensively about TikTok, the newcomer to the social media arena in an article you can find here https://epidemic.co/news/best-fit-for-your-campaign/. We also compared it with Instagram in relation to the campaign goals and target audience. TikTok has seen incredible success in 2020 and it isn’t going away any time soon. Tiktok is especially popular among the newer generations, namely generation Z which means that it is the go-to platform to reach younger target audiences. Last but not least, TikTok is based on video content, the importance of which we will explain in a later paragraph. The clock is ticking.

  1.     Authenticity is key

Authentic content is what makes all the difference between failed and successful influencer marketing campaigns. High numbers of followers and high engagement rates do not always equal success. What really matters is the authenticity of the content, which will define whether or not the message will come across in an organic and relatable way. Q&As or how-to videos are prime examples of authentic content, as they will bring the influencers closer to their audience, making them more trustworthy in the process, while simultaneously improving the brand’s image. Brands will find it more fruitful to collaborate with influencers that share their values and interests so that they can represent the brand and product in the best and most natural way possible. What it really comes down to is making sure that the influencer truly cares for your brand or product and is left inspired by it. Go out there and find your influencer soulmate.

  1.     It’s all about the performance

Due to the obvious trend towards long-term collaborations, we can expect that influencer marketing will become more and more orientated towards performance. Performance-based agreements will mean that the expectations of the brand will have to be met by the influencer, which is why a careful review of the proposed contract will become increasingly important, especially for the influencers. Realistic goals and appropriate forms of payment (affiliate programs instead of single payments) will be the key talking points in negotiations for the upcoming collaborations. Performance marketing.

  1.     Video content will reign supreme

The fact that video content is becoming increasingly sought after on social media platforms isn’t real news either. Videos are far a more dynamic and engaging way to connect with your following, in comparison to other formats. Live streaming, the ascension of TikTok and IGTV, tutorials and live Q&As are good examples of this. This of course does not apply only to the influencers; brands will have to pick up their game in creating video content. The title says it all.

  1.     More planning, more data

Building up on what was already said regarding the trend towards long-term partnerships and performance orientated contracts it is crucial to mention the importance of careful planning and data collection. Here we must become acquainted with social media marketing metrics and the role they play in measuring the planning, performance and success of the campaign. These metrics allow brands to track the progress of individual influencers. Influencers will have become acquainted with them and realise the importance of these metrics in order to be able to fulfil their end of the bargain. More is more here.

  1. Employees as content creators

We already spoke about the importance of authentic content created by influencers, as it has an immense positive effect on sales and brand image. But what if we told you that such authentic content can be contributed by your very own employees? What we mean by this is that you can effectively turn your employees into influencers or ambassadors of your brand. This can be achieved by providing financial incentives to your employees who will in exchange, create and share content using your product or service. It may also be a good idea to provide an inside look of your company with the help of your employees. Doing so will inevitably bring you closer to the consumer. DIY

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