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Best Proof Of Concept – Web Summit Semi-Finals

BY Teja Vrščaj Jan 17, 2022

Nika Kristina Butina, CEO of Epidemic startup on the stage of the largest technology event Web Summit, in front of more than 42,000 people! No, we are not talking about a company on the other side of the Atlantic, but about Epidemic, which is taking its share of the global influencer marketing pie.

Best Proof Of Concept – Web Summit Semi-Finals

Web Summit is considered to be the largest and most important technology event in the world. As part of its PITCH competition, it brings together the world’s leading and most promising startups as they fight their way to the top of the tech world. Named one of the best startup competitions in the world by Forbes magazine, PITCH gives young companies the opportunity to present their story to an international audience of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and a distinguished panel of judges.

Of the thousands, this year’s PITCH opportunity was also awarded to Epidemic. The three-day battle for the coveted title of the PITCH winner, included 140 top startups. Among a handful of the best, Epidemic was selected among the top 14 disruptive startups and had the honor of presenting its story in the semifinals of the Web Summit.

This is an extraordinary achievement in an otherwise unpredictable year, and moreover, a conquest of both the Slovenian and foreign markets, which gives us the strongest proof of our concept.

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