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Opinion drivers for Samsung

BY admin svi 18, 2022

Epidemic partnered with MPG Plus to run two campaigns, after a successful first campaign “Samsung: Flip & Fold” for Samsung.

Opinion drivers for Samsung





March-April 2022

Campaign type

Brand and product awareness

In March and April 2022, Epidemic partnered with MPG Plus to run two campaigns, after a successful first campaign “Samsung: Flip & Fold” for Samsung, one of the world’s best-known brand for technology, electronics and smart appliances The goal was to spread awareness of Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Samsung Galaxy Z series, as well as to strengthen and improve the brand image.




Nano Influencers


Content published (stories, feed posts reels, YT video, TikTok videos)



STRATEGY – Creative integration into day-to-day

Sustain: Samsung Galaxy Z Series

A total of 8 micro and macro Instagram influencers, that already collaborated in the launch campaign, took part in the campaign activation. Since the campaign’s main goal was to strengthen the brand image and improve the trust in foldable phones, we decided to continue the campaign with influencers that previously collaborated in the launch phase. Through their content, Influencers integrated their phone in their everyday life and showed unique flex moments.

Opinion drivers: Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

A total of 4 nano and micro Instagram influencers took part in the campaign.
Since the main objective of the campaign was to build brand awareness and make the product more appealing to different communities, we selected Influencers with different audiences (Gen-Z, Photographer, Fashion and Lifestyle, Millennial, Entertainment, Tech Community). Through their content Influencers integrated the phone into their day-to-day while also focusing on the benefits of the new Samsung Series.

Results: 1.250M impressions

All together, we managed to finish 2 individual campaigns in the scope of two months.

  • 168 Instagram Stories
  • 12 Instagram Feed Post
  • 3 Instagram Reels
  • 1 YouTube Video
  • 5 TikTok Videos

All together we successfully managed to integrate Samsung phones into day-to-day lives and introduce the product to different target audiences and created a community of Samsung users.