Best fit for your campaign

BY Gasper Mar 17, 2021

Which social platform is the best fit for your campaign? TikTok or Instagram?

Best fit for your campaign

There are many ways to analyze, compare and choose between different social media channels depending on your strategy and campaign goals. Today we prepared an overview of the two trendiest social media platforms, Instagram and Tik Tok, in hopes of shedding a light on which platform is more suited for your campaign.

Instagram versus Tik Tok

Instagram was created in 2010 on the basis of photo sharing, video content came afterward, whereas Tik Tok was made for videos right from the start when it came out in 2014 as Musical.ly. The mindset of content creation shifted from Instagram’s ‘Everyone is a photographer and is happy’ to Tik Tok’s ‘Everyone has fun’. Instagram is all about beauty, travel and food, while Tik Tok users come to the platform for dancing, choreography and fun. At this point, Instagram is already an old cat in the advertising industry and is slowly becoming saturated with advertisements with every fourth post being an ad. Tik Tok is not there yet, but we predict this is only for a short while. One of the differences between the two apps is of course also in their users demographics. While they both require a minimum 13+ years to register, Instagram is more common between GenY or Millennials but the GenZ generation opts more for Tik Tok. Total users on IG is over 1.5 billion and over 1 billion on Tik Tok. The users’ demographics also shows differences between gender distribution. Tik Tok is slightly more male-dominated with 55 % of male users, while Instagram is dominated by females with over 65 % of female users. 

While Instagram is currently holding a record for biggest influencer marketing platform, Tik Tok is quickly becoming a pro at this game. They both carry important features for content creators such as hashtags, follower counts, likes and comments, AR, verified creators, direct messaging and livestream. Instagram offers more options with long-form video, stories and tags, but does not allow user shared clips or challenges like Tik Tok does. 

The list of characteristics for each of the platforms could of course continue on, but what is most important is knowing your KPIs and then choosing to run your campaign on the platform best suited according to them. While planning your campaign, choose your platform based on the product or sector characteristics, your target audience and most suitable post formats for getting your message across. Sometimes, the best option could be an integrated campaign on both platforms.

We would love to hear it from you! What do you consider to be the most important difference between Instagram and Tik Tok? And what do you usually check when choosing a social media channel for your campaign? Let us know. 

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