BY Gasper Mar 17, 2021

The latest buzzword in influencer marketing!


Nano derives from a Greek word meaning dwarf, but is most commonly used as a measure of unit. By 2020, this word has gained a new meaning in the marketing sphere, especially in the influencer world. While some brands have not fully utilized the influencer marketing just yet, the industry innovators are already hoping on the nano trend. 

Nano-influencers are Instagram users with a minimum number of followers of 1,000. The upper limit differs from source to source, also from market size to market size, but it is somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 followers. Besides numbers, one of the most significant characteristics of a nano-influencer is its authenticity. Their photos are not polished, overly posed or filtered. This gives them an incredibly high level of trust and engagement among their followers. Moreover, since they don’t have to manage overly big communities, they can really take time for one-on-one communication. They are able to reply to each comment or DM, but also do so in a meaningful way that helps their followers. 

Types of nano-influencers

There are generally two types of nano-influencers or nanos, as we like to call them, which are native and non-native. First group, the natives, are users who built their community from scratch on social media using high-quality content and being opinion leaders in their niche. Then there are non-natives which are people with recognition outside of social media but have now started to build an online presence. It can sometimes be useful to keep this distinction in mind regarding our specific goals for the campaign. 

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Advantages of working with nanos

As mentioned earlier, they have great connectability with their audience. Therefore they are considered trustworthy and someone like us. They can also be very relevant for our brand since they are often niche-oriented and can therefore greatly position our product or service. 

Great engagement numbers

Of course metrics are extremely important in marketing which is why nano-influencers are your new best friends. They may have lower reach levels, but they perform great when it comes to engagement. Studies show their engagement is twice as high as the one on profiles with over 20,000 followers. Not only that, they also estimate a better quality of this engagement since comments under posts are more profound than just an emoji or a remark made by an internet troll.

More cost effective

Since nanos are still building their community and do not operate with big numbers, they are happy to cooperate with brands in exchange for a product or service. They are willing to share their experiences with their community since they benefit from receiving a gift as well as gaining material to film and post. In cases of strong compatibility with the brand, a collaboration is a big gain for the influencer since the content created strengthens their credibility and relevance among the followers. A good example would be influencers in the field of technology reviews since they don’t have the budget to buy each new gadget that surfaces on the market and are therefore very willing to collaborate with brands as long as they can get their hands on the latest toy.

Easy to scale

There are only so many celebrity influencers but there are many more to work with within the 1-5K zone. You can scale your content with nano-influencers much easily and it allows you more maneuvering in terms of positioning, differentiation and personalization. In addition, the risks and losses are lower in the case of a failed campaign. 

Great in hyper-local campaigns

Usually nano’s following comes from their local surroundings. If we want to make our campaign geo-specific, they are a great channel to do so. For example, if we want to attract a big number of visitors to our store opening, inviting a nano-influencer from this area is a smart tactic. They can hype their fans about the event in advance as well at the event itself.  

Of course there are also some downsides to working with nano-influencers. The visual quality of the content created can differ among different nanos. The content may not be up to par with brand’s expectations regarding the quality of videos or photos. Since brands indirectly put money into the creation of content, they expect it to be on the level of professional photographers or filmmakers. However, nano-influencers more often than not work alone and use simple tools for creating videos or photos for their Instagram profile. They may put more emphasis on the message behind a post or a story and therefore still post the content prepared even though the photo may be a bit blurry or grainy. What’s important to keep in mind is they know best what will perform well and although visual quality is important, it may not be the most important in some cases. 

There is much more to discuss about this fascinating trend that is proving itself to be much more than a one-hit wonder. Benefits mentioned earlier are some of the most visible, but definitely not the only ones. If you find this topic as interesting as us or have found some insights of your own, hit us up and we’ll be happy to talk about it some more.

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