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Campaigns featured in Marketing Magazin

BY Teja Vrščaj Feb 3, 2022

Our campaigns didn’t go unrecognised even by the most well known Slovenian marketing publication Marketing Magazin.

Campaigns featured in Marketing Magazin

Marketing magazine is the only specialized marketing magazine in Slovenia that monitors the development of Slovenian advertising and marketing communication.

In the midst of influencer marketing hype, a marketing platform like Epidemic can step in and help B2C and B2B companies find authentic partnerships with real influencers or creators capable of running a successful influencer campaign.

Be authentic, be yourself, that’s our guiding principle. It’s important to encourage influencers to share this authentic experience with their audience, i.e. show their authentic beliefs and values. Our campaigns praising authenticity did not go unrecognised even by the most well known Slovenian publication Marketing Magazine.

Check out the articles for a behind-the-scenes look at the Epidemic campaigns:

za kreatorje

POSTANI Epidemic!

Izpolni kratek obrazec, da lahko ocenimo katera sodelovanja, bi bila zate primerna in kam poslati produkte.

pridruži se

Preveri ali izpolnjuješ pogoje za pridružitev Epidemicu

za agencije & znamke

Ustvarite vašo prvo KAMPANJO

Izpolnite kratek obrazec in nadgradite nivo vašega influencer marketinga.