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How to find out which hashtags brought you the most profile/post visits?

BY Gasper Oct 13, 2021

Hashtags are a great tool to boost your reach on photos and posts. If you use relevant hashtags they can bring you many additional views or profile visits. If you were wondering which hashtags worked the best for you, you can check that out simply, as we will explain in the next steps.

How to find out which hashtags brought you the most profile/post visits?

1. Click on the post on your profile where you have used hashtags.

2. Then click on the “Promote” button as if you were making the promotion (you will delete it later so it will not be charged but the steps are the same).

3. After you have clicked on the “Promote” button, you will choose “More profile visits” in the next step, when defining your audience choose “Automatic”, and when defining your budget (you will delete it afterward so it will not be charged) set to the minimum – so “Budget” will be 1$ and “Duration” will be 1 day.

4. You will go to the next step and click on the “Create promotion” button.

5. You will be returned to your post where on the right side under your post you will have “Pending Approval” and on the left side your “View Insights” button. Click on the “View Insights” button.

6. Scroll down and you will have “Impressions from hashtags” info where all the hashtags you have used will be listed from the ones that brought you the most impressions to the ones that brought you less.

7. To delete your promotion – so that it is not charged – you will go back to your post and click again the “View Insights” button. Scroll down and click on the red “Delete Promotion” button.

This way you can see which hashtags you can efficiently use in the future so that you get more impressions on your posts and get more engagement.

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