Epidemic Agency Affiliate Program

Increase Your Earnings with Our 10% Commission on Brand Referrals.
Influencer posing while using her products for a marketing campaign
Creator successfully creating pieces of content for a campaign on Epidemic platform
Hey there! πŸ‘‹
You refer brands, they get to use our awesome influencer marketing magic, and you score a sweet 10% commission on every successful referral.

Sounds good, right?
Benefits for you:
πŸ’° Generate Additional RevenueEarn a 10% commission on every successful brand referral, creating a lucrative additional income stream that goes beyond your regular earnings.
πŸ”— Build Stronger Professional ConnectionsConnect with brands through Epidemic Agency and leverage these connections for future opportunities and collaborations. We'll assist in showcasing why you would be the best fit for a brand's needs.
πŸ› οΈ All-in-One Influencer SupportFrom campaign planning to client communications, we cover it all. You can focus on your core expertise and creativity, while we handle the rest.
🀝 Collaborate with Fellow ProfessionalsYour referrals create opportunities for other marketers and freelancers in our community, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.
πŸŽ“ Exclusive Access to Resources and TrainingAs part of our affiliate program, get access to exclusive marketing resources, and data designed to sharpen your skills and keep you updated with the latest in the industry.
Creator receiving a box of products for a new campaign
Creator unboxing and showcasing a box of products for a new campaign
Benefits for the Brand contacting you:
πŸ” Access to a top-tier influencer marketing agencyEpidemic Agency offers end-to-end influencer marketing services, ensuring that brands achieve their marketing goals through strategic campaigns and influencer partnerships. So they are happy, you are happy, we are happy.
⏰ Save time and resourcesCollaborating with Epidemic Agency allows brands to focus on their core business, while we take care of the entire influencer marketing process, from strategy development to campaign analysis.
πŸ’» Data-driven campaigns and real-time analyticsBrands will benefit from our data-driven approach, as well as access to real-time analytics through our in-house platform, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their campaigns.

And if you wish to send your client a quick presentation about us, you can download it here:

How to Join the Epidemic Agency Affiliate Program:
Becoming part of our affiliate programme is easy1. Contact miha.pintar@epidemic.co or your current Epidemic manager for all possible opportunities

2. Relax, we'll take care of it everything else.

Together we can create a powerful synergy that benefits all parties involved and promotes success and growth in the influencer marketing industry.
Creator receiving a box of products for a new campaign