General terms of use

These general terms of use (the “Terms of usage”) govern your use and access to the website available at the following URL address: (the “Site”) and all its subdomains.

1. Site Presentation

The Site is an interface of presentation of Epidemic concept, offering a registration option to join the user base of Epidemic Members.Our partners, which own or commercialise products and/or services, cannot directly connect with Members which are registered with Epidemic, neither do they get access to their personal information (only statistics regarding followers, region, age and similar, used for targeting campaigns.) We have the right to determine which members are eligible to participate in any of the campaigns we offer. We can also remove a member from a campaign at any time for any reason.

2. Campaigns

2.1. Campaign Fulfilment

By responding to the campaign proposal email positively and agreeing to become a part of the campaign, the Member undertakes the fulfilment of the campaign conditions, stated in the email. If the proposal for the campaign is accepted by a Member, it serves as a contract in which we agree to provide the stated products/services to the Member and the Member agrees to fulfil the stated demands regarding social media posting.

2.2. Penalties

In the event that a Member fails to deliver the agreed number of content deliverables (including but not limited to posts, stories, TikTok videos, or reels) as specified in the collaboration agreement, Epidemic reserves the right to charge a penalty. Such penalty shall consist of invoicing the Member for the product involved in the collaboration. It is to be expressly noted that collaborations between the Agency and Creators are not based on remuneration through free products. Instead, Members compensate for products with their dedicated time and professional work experience in creating and/or posting content.

Epidemic reserves the right to assess an appropriate penalty, taking into consideration the scope and nature of the incomplete deliverables by the Member.

3. Access to the Site and the Platform

3.1. Users of the Site

By accessing and using the Site, You expressly and unconditionally agree to the terms of the Terms of usage in particular of the privacy policy.

The Services are not accessible to children under the age of 15. Therefore, by using and accessing the Services, You warrant that You are over the age of 15. If You are under 15 years of age, do not use or access the Services at any time or in any manner.
The registration process of users below 18 years of age is not finished until a parent’s consent is received, as stated in the registration process.

3.2 Members sign-up to the site

As a Member, You undertake to complete the subscription form with up to date and accurate details, and to update them in case of any change.

3.3. Restrictions

Epidemic reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit and/or forbid access to the Services, the Site and/or the Platform, and/or to terminate any Member account which violates the Terms of usage, applicable laws and/or any third party right such as, without limitation, any intellectual property right.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1. Regarding the Site

As a User, a Partner and/or a Member, You acknowledge and agree that the Site, the Platform and the Services may contain elements, materials and content (the “Content”) copyrighted and/or protected by patent and/or intellectual property laws.

You are not authorized, without Epidemic’s prior consent, to modify, copy, rent, share, sell, distribute or create any derivative work from the Content of the Site and/or of the Platform, in whole or in part, nor to proceed to, nor use the data extraction systems and/or data collection systems.

4.2 Regarding created materials

By participating in the campaign the Member transfers all of the economic (material) copyrights, as defined herein, on the visual content (photo and video material) on Instagram (the “Content”), that the Member creates during the course of the campaign as a result of packages and/or emails sent by Epidemic, to Epidemic without any material, temporal or territorial limitation. The transfer of economic (material) copyrights, as defined herein, is exclusive.

The Member hereby transfers to Epidemic all economic (material) copyright in and to the Content, and all rights therein, including but not limited to the right to reproduce, audio-visually adapt, transform, publish, republish, transmit, broadcast, publicly transmit, publicly communicate by means of phonograms or videograms, publicly present and/or make available to the public, sell, distribute, rent and otherwise use the Content in whole or in part in electronic and print publications and in derivative works throughout the world, in all languages and in all media of expression now known or later developed, and to license the Content or permit others to do so. For the avoidance of doubt, Epidemic has the right to transfer and/or assign any and all of the rights listed herein to any third party.

Epidemics gives the Member a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to have the Content published on the Member’s Instagram page.

Epidemic is entitled to give the Member specific instructions regarding the Content and its creation.

By participating in a campaign the Member agrees that the products and/or services Epidemic provides the Member constitute a fair and sufficient remuneration for the transfer of the economic (material) copyrights in and to the Content, as defined herein. Additionally, the Member hereby declares and agrees that the Member has no other claims regarding remuneration against Epidemic arising from the transfer of the economic (material) copyrights in and to the Content, as defined herein.

5. Site availability

Epidemic makes no warranties with regard to the Site’s availability. Epidemic reserves the right to modify, suspend and/or delete any and all elements of the Site, and any information that it may contain at any time without any notification.

6. Amendment of the Terms of usage

Epidemic reserves the right to amend the Terms of usage and the privacy policy at any time. In such an event, the amendments will be notified to You with a special banner within the Site. You acknowledge and agree that by using and/or accessing the Site after the amendment date, You will be deemed to have fully consented to the Terms of usage and the privacy policy as amended.

7. Litigation

The Site and the Terms of usage are governed by Slovenian law, wherever You are accessing and/or using the Site and/or the Platform from. In the event of a dispute regarding the Terms of usage, the court of Ljubljana, Slovenia shall be solely competent to hear such dispute.

8. Product shipment

We make all attempts to ship products in an effective and timely manner, but we cannot guarantee the condition of the products or a specific time frame due to the nature of the shipping and fulfilment industry.

9. Products not intended for resale

Any product, service, coupon or voucher offered by us or any of our clients are not intended for resale. Any violation (as determined solely by us) of this provision by a member may result in removal from the applicable campaign or termination of your membership.

10. Acceptable use

Any product, service, coupon or voucher offered by us or any of our clients is to be used responsibly and in accordance to its intentions in order to maintain the reputation of the Client.


Please contact us by email to inform us of any breach of the Terms of usage and/or to ask us any information regarding the Terms of usage and/or the Services.

Epidemic d.o.o.