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We are very selective with which brands we partner up! Selecting only the ones we would be happy to recommend to our friends ourselves.
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Why Epidemic?

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Work only with the best brands

Be authentic, be you. Only collaborate with brands you believe in. We rather see you turn down a collaboration invite, than sharing something you don't feel with your followers.
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Authentic experience

This is not an ad, it is your authentic experience. Do not create forced situations or promotions, share your thoughts like you would with a friend.
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Your profile represents you

Your profile represents yourself, not a company, so let the content be created your way. With us, you'll always have your creative freedom and we will never write you scenarios.

How it works?

Verify your IG profileFill out a short form so that we can determine which products would be of interest to you and where to send them to you.
We process your applicationWe would like to collaborate with as many creative, authentic and epic people, but we have certain limitations.
Woohoo, you did it!We will let you know when you're in. Due to a big number of applications, this can take us up to a week.
Creator receiving a box of products for a new campaign
Creator unboxing and showcasing a box of products for a new campaign
Get invited to the campaignWhen we have a campaign for you, we send you an invite. The decision is yours.
Try out the productWhen you Epibox arrives, unpack and enjooooy!
Spread the wordCreate content about/with the product and share them on Instagram. We'll discuss the number of stories/posts in advance, the style and creativity are completely up to you.

That's it!
Get ready for the next collab.

When a campaign is finished, we'll ask you about your experience. We'll really appreciate any idea, critic or compliment. We'll do our best to take them into account at our next collab.

Asked and answered.

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What is Epidemic?
Epidemic is a way of giving a voice back to everyday users of social media. We have a community of people with over 1000 followers, where we invite our members to get free products and share their experiences with their followers.
Is there a membership fee?
No, it's all completely free, including the products you're getting.
What do I even do in Epidemic?
You get free products or services, create materials, and share your experience on Instagram.
Will I get spam e-mails?
Not even one! We're completely against spam and you'll only get emails with essential information from us.
I have just joined, what now?
Firstly: Welcome on board! Now keep on living your best life and follow us on Instagram so our campaign invitation does not go to requested messages.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing Epidemic members.
Through Epidemic, I can express my creativity, opinion and show my followers a part of myself through the products I like to use. Epidemic has opened the door to the world of (IG) collaborations for me and it’s really nice to be a part of this team!
Ana Gaber
I worked with Epidemic on a fun collab for Hooray Heroes. I can honestly say that Epidemic is one of the best agencies that I have worked with to date. I loved how genuine, personable, professional and reliable they were. I got quick reply back to my emails and it made it an overall enjoyable experience for me!
Marcia A. Fahim
At first, I had no idea what Epidemic is. Now I know that this is an open and epic agency, which cherishes the fact that we, influencers, love freedom with our content!
Melisa Florjan

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