Our own & Amazon awarded AI platform.

Say goodbye to guesswork. Our AI platform allows us to analyse influencers, track performance and make data-driven decisions to maximise ROI for your campaigns. We also provide you with valuable insights into your competitors' influencer strategies.
Influencer pointing at a product and siting in front of a camera
Creators being analysed on Epidemic platform for influencer marketingCompetitor working with influencers on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing
More than 70 million influencers in the database on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

70 Million+ large Influencer database

Humongous database, check ✔ .
More than 10 filters to segment by, check ✔

We can filter based on follower location, their and followers gender, interests and keywords they use.

So you can be sure we'll find the best ones for your brand.

In-depth Influencers analysis

First, we create a complete profile of the influencer and their followers - where they're located, gender and more than 30 other metrics.

We check what topics they like to chat about and what kind of content they create. Last we make sure they have a great reach for your category and your ideal audience.

Analysing influencers on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing
Showing previous collaboration on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Previous collaborations

Curious about which brands they have worked with and how that partnership has gone?

We are too.

We check every brand, product, hashtag mention  among the influencer's social posts and analyse them. So not only can we be sure that they have not collaborated with your competitors, but also that their partnership content is great, organic, valuable to their followers and most importantly, that they are not collaborating with everyone.

Fake followers?

Did they buy likes or followers?

That would suck.

That's why we analyse all their data and compare it to current data to find  influencers who - let us be fair - are cheating... paying for followers, paying for engagement, using  follow-unfollow strategy and so on.

Showing fake followers on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing
Showing competitor analysis on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Your competitor analysis

We discover their influencer marketing strategies and improve your own performance.

See who they work with, which influencers and content perform best, and even get lookalike suggestions based on this.

Real-time Reporting

Every piece of content that influencers create for you is stored and analysed by our platform and displayed on your own dashboard.

This way, you never miss a post or have to wait for us to send it. You can download all content with one click and see real-time updates on your campaign's performance.

Showing real-time reporting on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Not sure yet if you need an agency, but would love all of the above?

Try our platform to effortlessly find real influencers, analyse them, review your competitors' influencer strategy and create automated campaigns to drive more sales. This will save you 83% of your time compared to doing it manually.
P.s. You can try it completely free. No credit card required, no annoying callers.

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