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Collaborating with creators on Epidemic platform for influencer marketingCreators creating more than 700 pieces of content on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

The process behind your next influencer campaign.

Setting Goals

Tell us your goals and we'll listen to you. Then we determine what it'll take to achieve them.

Strategy & Planning

We build creative marketing strategies that combine the most effective tactics with the global reach of our influencer database.

Campaign Preview

We'll make sure you get a preview of your campaign, the scope and number of influencers, and when and how we should start.
Launching new campaign on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Influencer Selection & Fraud Detection

Our platform analyses influencers for fake followers, collaborations with competitors, and audience demographics. Trust us to thoroughly vet influencers before presenting them to you.

Influencer Approval

We know that even if an influencer seems like a great fit, previous collaborations may not have gone optimally. For this reason, we offer a preview before we begin.


You get your own influencer manager and their team to manage all influencer communications. This saves you an average of over 900 emails per campaign. That's an average of four days' work.
Selecting influencers on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Client Dashboard & Content Approval

You have access to your campaign dashboard where you can see all the key metrics in real time. You can see and download everything influencers post with just a click. UGC and paid ads just got a whole lot easier.

Campaign Analysis

At the end of the campaign, you'll receive a detailed report from your Influencer Manager on the success of the campaign and the influencers who performed best.


We use data from previous campaigns to optimise current campaigns, leverage best performers  and create long-term ambassador programmes.
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"We struggled for a long time with recruitment for a clinical trial of our product. We tried through various traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, online health portals, radio, exhibitions, various institutions, etc. and wasted valuable time and human resources organising all these different activities. In almost a year, we managed to get around 300 applications.

When we finally came up with the idea of using influencer marketing and approached Epidemic, things went into overdrive. Within a matter of 3 months, we were able to more than quadruple the number of applications we had painstakingly gathered over the past year - a result that exceeded all our wildest expectations in terms of volume and speed."

Matevž Ambrožič
Marketing & PR Director - PharmaLinea

Not only goal-driven,
but also data-driven.

We know that AI is on everyone's lips now, but it's actually true for us. We use machine learning and semantic search to find influencers and make sure they engage your audience.

Competitor analysis

We discover their influencer marketing strategies and improve your own performance based on their insights.

Fraud detection

We analyse all influencers data and compare it to current data to find  influencers who have fake followers or are not engaging your audience.
Detailed reporting of a campaign on Epidemic platform for influencer marketing

Detailed reporting

Every piece of content that influencers create for you is stored and analysed by our platform and displayed on your own dashboard.

Influencer Whitelisting

Use best performing content to super-charge your paid ads. 6.8x better performance compared to product shots.

Around the world

Want to launch campaign on different market? We have Over 40 people  across 30 global locations to provide expertise in more than a dozen languages—with specialists based in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, and the baltics.
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