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Full service influencer marketing


We plan, execute, manage and scale campaigns that help you grow your brand.


Our AI Tech

To run great campaigns, you need data, and lots of it. That is something we do. We analyse influencers, your competitors and create create data- driven campaigns.

AI technology for influencer marketing
Covering all major social media platforms in more than 20 countries

Multi-platform & Global

Instagram, TikTok, Youtube. We do it all. In more than 20 countries no less.

Their success stories
are our success stories.

Let us look at examples of how influencer marketing is helping these brands grow.
Hooray Heroes Leveraged Nano influencers for sales growth

How Hooray Heroes Leveraged Nano-Influencers for Worldwide Sales Growth

Get insight into how Hooray Heroes' reached 15 million followers across 8 global markets through authentic user-generated content.

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Samsung influencer strategy that reached millions

The Strategy Behind Samsung's Influencer Campaign That Reached 19.7 Million Impressions

After successfully finishing first campaign, Epidemic helped Samsung strengthen their leadership position. Se how we did it.

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Lelosi scaled their influencer marketing to 14 markets

How Lelosi Scaled Their Influencer Marketing to 14 Markets

Lelosi's collaboration with Epidemic, involving 1,235 influencers across 13 markets, generated an impressive 13.7 million impressions. See how.

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The Secret Behind Pink Panda's Campaign That Got 23 Million Impressions

The Secret Behind Pink Panda's Campaign That Got 23 Million Impressions

Pink Panda's month-long influencer campaign in partnership with Epidemic, which engaged 600 influencers across nine European markets, resulted in a staggering 23 million impressions. See what we did.

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From Zero to 1.1M Impressions: How Eucerin Leveraged Influencer Marketing

From Zero to 1.1M Impressions: How Eucerin Leveraged Influencer Marketing

See how Eucerin's influencer marketing campaign successfully showcased their commitment to addressing various skin concerns through authentic personal stories and expert advice in skincare.

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How PharmaLinea Achieved 1256 Applications For Their Clinical Research with Influencer Marketing

How PharmaLinea Achieved 1256 Applications For Their Clinical Research with Influencer Marketing

PharmaLinea's innovative influencer marketing campaign generated 1,256 applications for iron research and achieved an impressive 25% peak conversion rate, showcasing the power of creative advertising strategies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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“I highly recommend Epidemic for their exceptional work in influencer selection,  around the clock campaign monitoring, and delivering results. Their meticulous approach and personal commitment to excellence set them apart, ensuring impactful campaigns that drive tangible outcomes. Truly top-tier in the influencer marketing space.”

Mic Melanšek
Lara Majerle
Brand Manager, Bayer

“More than 90% of our advertising is user-generated content from satisfied users around the globe, and Epidemic provides a simple, scalable and transparent solution to get actionable usable content directly from them.Hooray Studios relies on Epidemic for its global expansion.”

Mic Melanšek
Mic Melanšek
Co-founder, Hooray Studios

"Can influencer marketing work in our case?" This was the question I asked myself before I started working with Epidemic. The significant increase in sales of the service, which was communicated exclusively via nano-influencers during the measurement period, was proof to me that it works."

Andreja Lukež
Andreja Lukež

"Epidemic really understood our needs, took the whole process off our shoulders, and did it very professionally. From finding the right influencers for many of our brands to managing the entire campaigns, my experience was great. We will undoubtedly continue our cooperation."

Aljoša Drnovšek
Aljoša Drnovšek

"Our collaboration with Epidemic on TikTok communication has been outstanding. Their unwavering support, in-depth understanding of the platform, and extensive influencer network have truly elevated our brand's presence. We highly recommend Epidemic for their exceptional support."

Mic Melanšek
Manca Uršič Rosas
Head Of Marketing, Workforce Adriatic
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Influencer Marketing in 2023: The Future of Brand Promotion

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Instagram Vs TikTok Strategy: What Kind of Content You Should Create

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