How PharmaLinea Achieved 1256 Applications For Their Clinical Research with Influencer Marketing

18 Apr 2023
10 min read
Key results: 1.1 million impressions
How PharmaLinea Achieved 1256 Applications For Their Clinical Research with Influencer Marketing

The Company

PharmaLinea provides clinically supported private label food supplements that solve real consumer needs and excel their partners’ brands to leading positions. They invest in clinical trials on our products and in rigorous stability testing.

The Challenge

PharmaLinea faced a significant hurdle when it came to conducting research on iron in the body, as advertising methods on paid platforms like Google and Meta were restricted by rules of ethics advertising, leaving them with a limited scope for generating applications from their desired audience. Their attempt at using traditional advertising channels such as OOH (out-of-home) failed to generate enough applications. This posed a significant challenge for the company, requiring them to think outside the box to find new and innovative ways of generating interest and participation in their research while spreading the right message about the research, which was that the research is completely safe and also beneficial in helping people monitor their health conditions, such as fatigue, which could be attributed to insufficient iron levels in the blood.

The Solution

The main goal of the campaign was to generate suitable applications for PharmaLinea's clinical research on iron in the blood. To achieve this, we focused on four key areas:

  • influencer selection,
  • content creation,
  • promotion tactics,
  • measurement.

Our strategy aimed to ensure that the applications came from people who met the research criteria and to track the success of the campaign.

Influencer selection:

The influencer selection strategy for PharmaLinea's research campaign aimed to identify influencers whose followers were a suitable fit for the research. The search focused on influencers with messaging related to healthcare, outdoor/sport activities, and similar interests. The selected influencers were primarily sport-related influencers and health-focused influencers, along with a few doctors. The target age group for the influencers' followers was between 18 and 50, as younger and older followers were not suitable for the research. As a part of our influencer selection process, we excluded influencers with pregnant followers from consideration, as they were not suitable for the clinical study.

Our AI tool was very effective in finding the right influencers in the huge Instagram network.

Content Creation:

To create compelling content for the PharmaLinea influencer marketing campaign, we focused on two main approaches: factual information and personal stories from influencers. We highlighted the importance of iron in the body by sharing facts with our followers. Additionally, we shared personal stories from influencers who have experienced iron-related health issues, including how to recognise the symptoms and the impact on their lifestyle. This approach allowed us to showcase the relevance of iron-related problems to everyday people, including athletes and women who may be at higher risk due to menstruation. By combining factual information with personal stories, we were able to create engaging content that resonated with our audience and encouraged them to consider applying for the clinical research.

Promotion tactics:

We used Instagram stories as our primary promotion tactic. This allowed us to efficiently and effectively spread our key messages while optimising the campaign costs. Instagram stories also allow influencers to add a link to the research application form directly to their Instagram stories, making it easy for their followers to visit the website with the form in just one click. This streamlined the application process and improved the overall user experience.


We used UTM links to measure the effectiveness of our campaign by tracking clicks, website sessions, and completed application forms. Our main metric was the number of completed applications, and UTM links allowed us to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimise the process.


  • The goal of the campaign was achieved in less than 30% of the time allocated for the campaign.
  • 1256 applications were received through influencer links posted on their stories.
  • The average conversion rate for the campaign was 11%, with a peak of 25% achieved through the selection of the right influencers and optimisation.
  • The campaign enabled PharmaLinea to fill their database with contacts for future research and activities.
  • The campaign successfully conveyed the message to the target audience that clinical research is beneficial for their health and well-being, and that they can gain valuable information through participation.
  • The campaign helped to enhance the image of PharmaLinea by showing that they invest their time, knowledge, and resources into research, which leads to high-quality products.

Overall, the campaign was a resounding success, with high conversion rates and a positive response from the target audience. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of influencer marketing in reaching a relevant and engaged audience and achieving marketing goals.

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