Revitalising Luxury Travel: Elevating Terme Čatež's Wellness Riviera through Influencer-Driven Digital Marketing

11 Dec 2023
10 min read
Key results: 1.1 million impressions
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The Company

Terme Čatež, the biggest waterpark and resort in Central Europe, is well-known for its rich history spanning two centuries. It has always been a top choice for families looking for a memorable vacation. However, with the addition of the Wellness Riviera, a luxurious spa resort area,Terme Čatež has taken a step towards becoming an exquisite retreat for couples seeking weekend getaways.

The Challenge

Mostly recognised as a family-focused waterpark, Terme Čatež wanted to attract a new segment of visitors to its new Wellness Riviera. A luxurious spa resort area tailored for couples seeking a serene and upscale experience.

The challenge was to shift perception and highlight the Wellness Riviera as the perfect retreat for relaxation and romantic getaways, a side of Terme Čatež that was less known to the market.

The Solution

Here at Epidemic we wanted to focus on strategic digital marketing campaign to reposition the Wellness Riviera. The campaign leveraged influencers and great, viral social media content to showcase the luxurious and intimate environment, focusing on:

  1. Right fit Influencer Partnerships: We partnered with influencers who appealed to our target demographic. These influencers had a strong presence in the travel and wellness niche, ensuring that their endorsement of the Wellness Riviera would resonate with their followers.
  2. Creative Brief Emphasising Luxury and Experience: The campaign's creative direction was carefully curated to reflect the elegance and sophistication of the resort, portraying the Wellness Riviera as an idyllic spot for self-care and relationship enhancement.
  3. Video content as driver: With its intimate and relaxing environment, capturing the essence of Terme Čatež can be challenging through photos alone. We recognised the need for a more compelling approach to resonate with their target audience and perform well in advertising. We wanted engaging and emotionally captivating content that authentically portrayed the Wellness Riviera experience. Our goal was to create a buzz that would extend beyond our initial target audience through social media sharing.
  4. Content Strategy on TikTok and Instagram: Utilising the power of TikTok, along with Instagram, to reach potential visitors, especially those searching for travel destinations. The content highlighted the exclusive and intimite experience of the Wellness Riviera.


The combined efforts of the four digital marketing campaigns at Terme Čatež yielded impressive results, showcasing a significant impact in terms of content creation and audience reach.:

  • Total Pieces of Content Created: 339
  • Total Impressions: 2,537,000

(P.S.: Even the owner himself shared the stories. Now that's how you know you have good content.)

The numbers we have indicate that the campaigns have been really successful in reaching out to and connecting with our audience. This has greatly contributed to enhancing Terme Čatež's online presence and establishing the Wellness Riviera as a sought-after and opulent destination.

We turned the spotlight on its Wellness Riviera, proving that with the right strategy, you can totally reshape how people see your brand. It wasn't just about getting the word out, it was about making Terme Čatež the place everyone's thinking of when they crave a luxurious spa getaway.

The best part?

The valuable content created is not one and one. It serves as a treasure trove of social proof, showcasing authentic stories and experiences to potential visitors.

Terme Čatež can continue leveraging this content to enhance their social media profiles, making them more relatable and inspiring. Moreover, this content is ideal for paid advertising – it's authentic, captivating, and already beloved by the audience.

Now, they've got this great opportunity to keep the momentum going, using these successful campaigns to keep the conversation going, attract even more visitors, and keep their brand shining.

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