The secret to the success of ROWENTA x KARL LAGERFELD Influencer Marketing with over 5500 comments

4 Jan 2024
10 min read
Key results: 1.1 million impressions
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The Collaboration

ROWENTA, a leader in hair styling appliances, has partnered with KARL LAGERFELD, a name synonymous with high fashion, to introduce new  hair styling tools. This collaboration aims to combine ROWENTA's technical expertise with LAGERFELD's elegant design, creating a product line that goes beyond ordinary styling to make a fashion statement.

But why? 🤔

The goal of this brand extension is to merge ROWENTA's technological know-how with LAGERFELD's sophisticated design and brand name. By doing so, they create a product line that not only styles hair but also becomes a fashion statement. Leveraging the strength of both brands, they can venture into a new market segments while maintaining their distinct brand identities and core values. Brand extensions always provide increased visibility without any downsides, and for ROWENTA, it improves brand perception and their price premium. It also makes people wanted product much more. But we’ll get to that. 😇

The Challenge

Despite ROWENTA's strong reputation for quality appliances, the challenge was to elevate these hair styling tools and position them as distinctive and must-have, going beyond the ordinary. Over 80% of purchases in this category occur when people know and remember their top 3 brands of hair styler, dryer, or ironer. Therefore, the goal is to improve brand salience, which will ultimately lead to more purchases in the future. 🤗

The Solution

Here at Epidemic we wanted to focus on strategic digital marketing campaign to reposition the Wellness Riviera. The campaign leveraged influencers and great, viral social media content to showcase the luxurious and intimate environment, focusing on:

  1. Right fit Influencer Partnerships: We partnered with influencers who appealed to our target demographic. These influencers had a strong presence in the travel and wellness niche, ensuring that their endorsement of the Wellness Riviera would resonate with their followers.
  2. Highlighting Product Features: The creative direction meticulously planned to showcase the unique features of the hair styling tools, such as the Pro Dual Motion technology, the Keratin & Glow coating, and the professional temperature control.
  3. Diverse Content across Platforms: Recognizing the power of different social media platforms, we aimed for a mix of posts, stories, and TikToks to reach a wider audience. The content was crafted to be engaging, showing before & after results, and aligned with the benefits of the new products.
  4. Engaging with the Audience: The influencers engaged their followers with authentic and relatable content, showcasing the ease of use and professional results of the ROWENTA x KARL LAGERFELD hair styling tools.


The influencer marketing campaign for ROWENTA x KARL LAGERFELD was an outstanding success, as demonstrated by the impressive metrics achieved:

  • Total Pieces of Content Created: A total of 143 pieces of content were created as part of the campaign. These included  photos, stories, and compelling reels that effectively showcased the ROWENTA x KARL LAGERFELD hair styling tools in action.
  • Total Reach: The campaign reached over 308,000 people across various social media platforms. This wide reach allowed the brand to connect with a diverse audience, maximising visibility and brand exposure.
  • Total Comments: The campaign generated over 5500 comments. What's even more remarkable is that a significant number of these comments were from users who tagged their friends, expressing their desire for them to also participate in the giveaway. This organic word-of-mouth marketing further amplified the campaign's impact.

The high-quality content created by the influencers served as valuable social proof, showcasing the styling tools' functionality and fashion-forward desi

Through partnerships with influencers Rowenta successfully positioned the Rowenta x Karl Lagerfeld products as must-have styling tools. The influencers' credibility and authority in the fashion and beauty niche played a crucial role in building trust and desire among potential customers.

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