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How Eucerin achieved 1.1 million impressions with nano-influencers.

BY Teja Vrščaj svi 20, 2022

Honored to join forces with Eucerin Slovenia for spreading the word about their various skincare lines.

How Eucerin achieved 1.1 million impressions with nano-influencers.


Campaign type

Brand and product awareness

With the intention of establishing its brand awareness, Eucerin Slovenia in collaboration with Epidemic, carried out 6 campaigns aimed at building the awareness of their skincare lines.





Challenge-brand and product awareness

In mid-December 2021, Epidemic partnered with the Innovatif agency to run its first campaign for Eucerin, one of the world’s best-known brands for dermocosmetic skin care, including face and body. Due to the success of the first campaign, 5 more campaigns were commissioned for the period of the next 6 months. The goal was to spread brand awareness and increase awareness of AtopiControl, UreaRepair Plus, DermoPure and Anti-Pigment skincare line.

Sharing their skin stories

The collaboration with Eucerin included a total of 65 influencers with an average of 6.6k followers. For the duration of the first 3 campaigns, only nano-influencers were included, but for the anti-pigment line, 3 micro-influencers participated in the collaboration and with the future campaigns more micro-influencers were included. The main message of the collaboration was – Share your skin’s story and help out others!

The influencers’ communication was carried out in three waves:

  1. Share your story & educate – whether battling with atopic dermatitis/ dry & flaky 
skin or acne/ hyperpigmentation prone skin.
  2. Communicate Eucerin products as part of your daily skincare routine.
  3. Share the advice you would give to a friend dealing with the same condition.

Results-1.1M impressions

Over the course of six months, we gathered a multitude of impressions and spread the word about Eucerin skincare lines. Through +250 Instagram stories and +33 (non-mandatory) feed posts, the Epidemic influencer community gathered unique content that also matched the brand’s visual identity – for example, by using neutral tones in the created content.